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C.Y. O'Connor Beach

This beach, in my opinion is a great beach for family and people with dogs. The beach also allows horses for a few hours in the earliest part of the morning.

Lighthouse Photography recommends this location for prewedding shoots only. Not really suitable for a wedding location. Shoot start time is usually 40 minutes before sunset and lasts 1 1/4 hrs.



C.Y. O'Connor Beach has around 4 carparks. The designated meeting place is the carpark closest to the abondoned power station. (see map below).  Address is near McTaggart Cove  off Robb Rd, North Coogee. This Beach is approximately 6 minutes from Fremantle CBD.




Usually we will start the photoshoot on the green grass and then move to the beach. We will then walk for a couple hundred metres in the direction of the power station, where we will find an area partly protected from wind and sunlight. This area has a beautiful green lagoon and some green vegetation for some stunning backdrops.


When the sun has set we move back to the beach on the concrete bridge for some sunset photos and then eventually start heading back to the carpark captured as many sunset photos as possible.



As we will be constantly moving around please keep in mind that you will be more comfortable if you have nothing to carry around. Shoes too, are optional and not a necessity.

Above all, remember that it not the heat, wind or threat of rain that will dampen your photos it is how you react to it that will make the difference.



Nicole & Mark

Mel & Troy

Jamee & Daniel

Cassie & Rob

Rochelle & Travis

Kate & Tim

Tania & Andrew

Tracey & Phil


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